"4 istabas", furniture store in Valmiera

"4 istabas", furniture store in Valmiera

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    Furniture trade. Furniture. Kitchen furniture. Wooden furniture. Sofas. Corner sofas. Children's furniture. Office furniture. Leather furniture. Cesis. Valmiera. Limbazi. Riga. Hallway furniture. Individual furniture orders. Living room furniture, interior items, Balvi, Madona, Gulbene, Smiltene, Tukums, Ogre, Jurmala, Jelgava, Salacgriva, Saulkrasti.
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    Furniture online shop Valmiera. 4 rooms. Four rooms. Furniture 4 rooms.
    Furniture four rooms. www. 4rooms. lv. Kitchens. Kitchen is the most
    important place in every home where after daily routine the whole family
    comes together to enjoy a delicious dinner. It is important that the
    kitchen furnishing would be functional, comfortable, tasteful and creative,
    in furniture store '4istabas' offered various kitchen collections will
    help to fulfill the requirements of each housewive. In our store you
    can buy both separate kitchen cabinets and stocked kitchen sets. As
    well as we offer a wide range of kitchen tables, chairs, kitchen corner
    groups. We offer custom made kitchens and cabinets, according to your
    wishes and sizes. More than 300 types of cabinets. More than 300 facade
    variations (laminate, MDF, acrylic). More than 100 different table
    tops Large fittings, wire mesh, carousel options. Great color and material
    choice. You can create a variety of non-standard constructions pull-out
    tables, non-standard closets, bar counters, kitchen islands. For individual
    orders free 3D visualization. Children's bedroom furniture. In furniture
    stores '4istabas' is a wide range of various furniture for children's
    rooms. Bunk beds, which can be placed one above the other or separately
    assembled. We also offer nursery equipment, where is combined - bed,
    desk, wardrobe, shelves, a functional piece of furniture for a small
    room. We also have bright and colorful ottomans and sofas for kids,
    beds with adjustable lengths - grows together with the child. A wide
    range of shelves, book shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers. Various
    models, color variations and design. Everything for your child wishes
    cozy and creative room. Bedroom. Bedroom is the place where we relax
    and over the night recover our strength for a new day. It is important
    that the bed is comfortable and good looking, so that the room interior
    reflect desires and taste. In furniture stores '4istabas' a wide range
    of closets, corner closets, closets with mirrors, sliding doors, drawers,
    different sizes, colors, from different materials. We also offer custom
    made built-in wardrobes according to your wishes and sizes. As well
    as here is a wide range of chests of drawers, mirror tables, beds,
    mattresses, bedside tables produced in both Latvia and elsewhere in
    Europe. All for your wishes and possibilities. Come and choose. Good
    service, good price only in furniture stores '4istabas.', Living room.
    Living room is the one that brings together the whole family, where
    together with friends are being played games or watched favorite movies
    making yourself comfortable in the sofa, enjoying a cup of tea. In
    small apartments living room also serves as a bedroom, thus the furniture
    should be comfortable and functional. In our furniture stores '4istabas'
    you can find a wide range of sofas, corner sofas, sofas made of leather,
    reclining chairs, different size wall units, coffee tables - here you
    can find all for your wishes and possibilities to make a cozy, comfortable
    and creative room. Come and choose!